How does it work ?

You need to submit us your file including :

  • Full description of the product or service
  • Business plan and level of funds you target
  • Market target or survey
  • Any Copyrights, Trademarks , pending and/or obtained patents
  • Identity and address
  • In case of registered company, provide company documents
  • Contact details

Based on the documents received, CG will study the project submitted, and may require more precisions or documents. Be prepared to respond.

You prepare your communication campaign and your project presentation, helped by our advices.


  • 1 to 3 month, depending on your availability and your existing communication mediums.

Before the decision taking:

  • The company must be registered
  • The communication elements must be ready (at least the presentation on the platform and the launch email)
You can test your communication and evaluate your capacity to federate your investor club.


  • 1 month

If the final decision is positive, then you can raise funds (“crowdfunding” offer only).

You can enlist investors by putting your communication plan into practice. This way you can meet your goals and exceed them!


  • 1 month and a half, followed by 15 days of legal delay before the funds will be transfered to your account


  • Reach the validation threshold of your campaign

Keep your subscribers informed of the progress of your project, on a regular basis.


  • As soon as your product or service is commercialised, you transfer each month or each trimester, to your subscribers, the Royalties contractually defined.

During this stage :

  • If the project generate more revenue than expected: the investors can get to 3 times more money than what they invested.
  • If the project generate less revenue than expected: subject to the activity of your company, you will continue the money transfer until the investors retrieved what they invested in the first place.



  • 100%

    CT Band

  • 75%

    Wi Surf

  • 50%


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