Crowdfunding Global was born from the desire to help project developers make their big ideas come to life through crowdfunding; the platform belongs to Crowdfunding Global, based in Paris.

CG supports all types of innovative projects or services related to technology, including software, games, applications, etc.Raising funds is a crucial step in launching a startup. But financing alone is not enough to guarantee success! You can have the most innovative product, the best concept on the market, but if you do not have the right organizational structure, there is a good chance that your project will never see the light of day!

Crowdfunding Global helps project developers and startups address and overcome these challenges.

Crowdfunding Global offers a range of services to empower you to take ownership of every step of your project—from concept to commercialization. Crowdfunding Global is the platform it uses to raise funds for big ideas. We help define financing goals and strive to achieve them. We identify technical solutions for your project and ideal partners. We conduct market research, propose marketing strategy and optimize the distribution of your product.


In the long process of launching a project, you might only need a boost to your funding. That’s why Crowdfunding Global provides startups and project leaders access to The Crowdfunding Global!

With Crowdfunding Global, you can submit or support innovative projects in the New Technologies sector.


Crowdfunding Global allows project developers to raise funds through the support of a community of international contributors who wish to invest in innovative ideas and creative startups!